singer-songwriter // artist

At home in the south of Portugal,

in deep connectedness with the earth.

'Lua' means moon in Portuguese. 


A voice for the sacred feminine and

female empowerment!

Passionate about spiritual growth, 

the awakening and healing of the collective 

and positive change!

I like the vision that spiritual awakening as such doesn’t need to be reserved for spiritual communities in particular, but that it expands into and takes its seat in all kinds of areas of society.

My music, art and activism are my contributions to collective healing and positive change! 


It begins with ourselves. With openness and humility.

In the past years I dove into deep connectedness with nature, meditation, spirituality and female body wisdom. The visions and insights that spring from these sources are a central influence on my songwriting, art, worldview and way of life in general.


The more we invest into the healing of self, others and the collective, we can create the base of a life of peace, mindfulness, justice, equality, sustainability - of love.

I am currently creating music which embodies the aspects and topics mentioned above. I seriously can't wait for the day when it will be ready to be shared and listened to! Until then I keep sharing other musical bits and pieces which pass through my heart along the way.

Already available for sale are my art-prints. You can purchase them through this website here.

May you benefit from the peaceful and empowering intentions the images carry.

Also, I am an advocate for doTERRA essential oils and in the process of creating an archive about the precious benefits of essential oils. Read more about this here.

Part of my activism is supporting other people's organisations, communities and projects. This is why throughout summer 2020 I donated 10% of my online art sales to the community THE CITY OF JOY, a transformational leadership community for women survivors of violence.

I am feeling very grateful for the path given to me! 

Each step we take may be a small one, but the summery of many small steps creates the large picture we are living in, right?

Love, Luisa Lua